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Your Journey to Authentic Living 

I am a Seeker, Yogini and certified Teacher by the Learning Love Institute in Sedona. Inner growth is my passion. I teach from experience, what I learnt in my ongoing journey of inner transformation.

The cause of our pain is often a state of disconnection.

With appropriate guidance, we can reconnect with a basic trust in ourselves and start to accept deeply who we are. When we live with authenticity we also invite love, intimacy and creativity.

My approach is Tantric, wich means it is holistic and integrates various techniques:

Tantra Yoga & Ayurveda
Meditation (active, guided or sitting)
Bioenergetics (emotional release)
Movement Therapy (5 Rythms dance)
Inner Child Work
Gestalt-based therapy
Energy Reading
Non Violent Communication
Intuitive Nutrition (no diet)

Depending on your needs, on where you are at in your life, we will combine one or more of these tools.

Each individual is unique
with unique gifts, unique needs, unique dreams.
My goal is to help you understand yourself better
so that you can trust your own voice,
and become the Master of your Life.

About me

Born and raised in Geneva, multicultural and insatiable traveller, I was a mystic since my childhood, fascinated by Hindu mythology.

The search started in 2000 with Yoga and Meditation. After a "serious" background (Master in Law and Lawyer internship) plus eight years working as a Human Resources Specialist I decided to take a risk and went for my passion. I had the privilege to study with gifted teachers in Switerland, USA and India. Since 2009 I am a Yoga Alliance certified Teacher and teach Tantric Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation to groups, couples and individuals in yoga studios, gyms, corporates, international organizations and associations.

Travelling to India, Colorado and Arizona, I deepened my practice of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda with many trainings and workshops.

But something was missing inside: me.

Was I really being myself or just trying to fit into the spiritual role of a Yogini?

In 2012 I was blessed to meet my teachers Krishnananda and Amana Trobe, founders of the Learning Love Institute of Sedona, and disciples of Osho. This was the real start of my inner journey: the journey to vulnerability, authenticity, love and real trust. Thanks to my teachers Krishnananda and Amana today I can truly love myself and accept both sides: my deep sensitivity and my strength.

As I became more confident and daring, I realized one of my old dreams: to work and live in Rome. For two years I lived the Roman life and taught yoga to Romans, Italians, and expat American, French, German and British students.

My calling is to guide anyone willing to explore the inner world and live with more authenticity, passion and depth.

I travel where Energy takes me and trust that Existence guides me exactly to the right place, at the right moment.

May my journey inspire you to follow your unique path.

With love,


Here is what I can share with honesty from my experience...

As a Yogini, before starting the Learning Love Work, I thought I was spiritual, but I was sitting on a volcano.

The volcano of supressed emotions, repressed sensuality,  uncounscious fears, tremendous shame and deep trauma.

Unless we are ready to look inside and explore our childhood wounds, the places inside where we got hurt when we were little, understand our protection behaviours, and dare to drop them ... our spiritual practice can easily becomes a cover up
for the fear of vulnerability and real intimacy.

We can only know what we live. The rest is just ideas, borrowed knowledge.

The inner journey is never ending. It is like a flower which continues to open more and more,
spreading her own unique perfume.

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